Infinitely New Marvels

Madly and yet so maddeningly true 

the way I was in love 

glimpsing your smile, like morphine racing into blood 

through the rascal eye of a silver needle 

waves crash over me 

although I never end up 

scraped to hell and washed up on lifeless rocks 

soft blue waves carry me back out 

but never seek to drown. 

A recent discovery reveals to me, infatuation is a side effect and a bore 

it escapes in merely an instant 

with it I always thought 

it must be love this time for real 

time and again, wrongly and with haste 

like frogs 

on one barely floating lily pad, hop 

already crouched on the next, after a blink 

and before an introduction. 

These days I no longer feel compelled 

to spring forth into March 

forgotten February in the dust 

my gratitude for the spring and sunlight 

now coexist with my fondness for the fog and rain 

doesn’t water flow where the sun will shine come morning?

Across an ocean, you held my attention as if 

you were just an inch away 

I could marvel at your body’s beauty and your mind and your spirit and find infinitely new marvels after the last 


it would seem each wonder of the world sat under a star, reflected in the freckles on your face and shoulders 

your hands that animate life itself, breathing mana into tin and plastic like tangible alchemy 

carried through lifetimes, it must be 

for the rusted iron cage around my heart now shines in gold and green for this life and its limitlessness, I would be reminded of them 

every sedating time 

I’d glimpse you smiling like morphine, before 

I would float off 

on another soft blue wave.